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An Unlikely Fan

This NCCO tour has been an absolute blast from the first minute we left beautiful, warm San Fran.

Our flight was only 70 % at capacity, which gave us all some nice room to stretch out. We were spread all over the plane with a chunk of us in the back. Just us, and no other passengers except Scott.  He was sitting on the aisle on the opposite side of me. We talked quite often and we all ended up including Scott in our jokes and conversations. We still weren’t sure what he thought of us. He was a snow boarder from Tahoe and  looked like Jesus in a sweater. He also seemed unlikely to be interested in “our kind” of music. But we  told him what instruments we played and the kind of music. He seemed really interested and listened intently. We all had a fun time joking and playing around as we flew straight through a snow storm into Cleveland…

As we were leaving the plane, I said to Scott, “now we expect to see you in the front row of our concert tomorrow night at 7:30”. Nadja and Michelle Maruyama gave him details, and off we went, never expecting to see him again.

Well guess who the first face Nadja and I saw when we walked  out on the stage in Cleveland? Yes, it was Scott in his best argyle sweater. He was there with his mother and his aunt. Amazing. We invited him back stage and he was overwhelmed. He said he was mesmerized  and  blown away. He had never heard anything like it and was going to come to all of our concerts in San Francisco. The unlikely NCCO fan is now one of our new groupies and it just shows you can never judge a book by it’s cover.

– Dawn

Scott and the musicians in Cleveland

Scott backstage after the concert!

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2 thoughts on “An Unlikely Fan

  1. Terry Manzo on said:

    I hope you gave Scott the blog address so he can follow you guys on tour! If you ever had any doubts about the value of doing such tours I guess Scott is a great example. Thanks for setting up the blog (whatever a blog is…) it is great fun following your tour vicariously and the pics are great!!!

  2. Scott Kennedy on said:

    Thanks, you all are great! I had a awesome time in Cleveland and the show was spectacular best of wishes to The New Century Chambers Orchestra in all your future encounters. Keep the good work up!

    Your Friend

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