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An Open Letter from Dawn to New Century

Hi my NCCO family,

I miss you… All of you, and I mean that!! What a FANTASTIC tour from beginning to end. What a phenomenal time in our lives, and I know we would all agree. It was just a magical tour, and a time and feeling, that I will never forget.  It was the perfect combination of people. I felt we had a great chemistry on and off the stage, and  traveled really well together. That just doesn’t happen a lot out there.  I feel so much closer to each one of you, even if I didn’t tell you… Well, I am telling you now. It was just a blast for me, and I want to thank each and everyone of you. Also, thank you for being such great sports, when a few of us (Nadja and Dawn) got a little loud and rowdy at times…

Again, a huge thank you to EVERETT for his sweet, tireless work and attitude, on the entire tour. From providing moustaches for us on our plane ride, to getting us everywhere on time, (even early). We couldn’t have had anyone better than EVERETT!!!

Congratulations again to NADJA and to all of us, for another incredible review for our concert at Mondovi. It was in the Sacramento Bee this morning. That is the largest paper in Northern Cal, next to the San Fran papers. Kudos to Emily, and Robin B. for being mentioned in the article.

Now, what can we say about NADJA, NADJA, NADJA, NADJA, NADJA, NADJA, NADJA,NADJA,NADJA, NADJA!! HOW DO WE THANK YOU? No words can really do justice for how we feel about you, or what you have given us. We knew how great it was working with you, and the feeling we had after our first concert with you 3 years ago. We thought we knew the potential and the possibilities that could happen to NCCO. But to me, none of our expectations and feelings, have come close to what actually has come to pass. It has actually become a reality. You have put us on the map, big time. The reviewers can not find enough adjectives to describe the experience they and audiences have felt from our concerts around the country. Not one bad word was written in any of the fabulous reviews!!!! That is very rare!

YOU, Nadja, are a soloist, our leader, our boss, a great chamber music player, our spokesperson, a blast to be with, and just one of us, all rolled into one!  You provided us with hot meals before every concert, out of your own pocket. We got to stay in top-of-the-line hotels. You made us feel like stars! You are just so dang thoughtful and kind, and we thank you.

I can hardly wait until the next tour, let along the March set, when we all get to play together again. THANK YOU NADJA FOR THIS WONDERFUL ADVENTURE! THANK YOU FOR TAKING US WITH YOU ON THIS INCREDIBLE JOURNEY.


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