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A Note from Nadja

We’re all safely ensconced in our beautiful hotel here in Boston. No snow storms this time. And I didn’t lose my wallet on the plane either like the the last tour. So far, this tour is a complete success.

I didn’t travel with the peeps for this trip. I had to come back to NY early to do press for the tour so I met up with them in Boston.

Yesterday, some pictures were sent to me of the musicians arriving at the airport in San Fran. I was just reading the paper and having some coffee, thinking about what I had to that day, and these pictures came flooding in. Colleagues that I have come to love, looking excited and happy, having sushi for breakfast at the airport. I thought, my God, look at what we are accomplishing. Even more than on the first tour, I felt so very proud. Because it’s not a fluke– we are on our second tour, and the third tour next year is already looking phenomenal. We are really doing it, even in the hardest of times. An amazing example of forces working together toward a common goal.

We have a big night tonight– playing in one of the greatest halls in the country.

Can’t wait.



Michelle Maruyama and Susan Babini

Iris Stone

Deborah Tien Price and Eleri Price, Tour Mascot

Kristin Zoernig

Anna Kruger, Candace Guirao, and Kristin Zoernig


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2 thoughts on “A Note from Nadja

  1. Caroline on said:

    Thank you, Nadja, for beginning the blog for NCCO’s SECOND 2011 TOUR!! Love it. Love the pictures and the descriptions. Love YOU! See you in New Jersey.

  2. Shirley Allen on said:

    Love the pictures of Kristin! (my daughter). She once was a shy child. Then she started playing the bass.
    In Albany an old friend of mine went to the concert, not knowing what was in store. He noticed the name of the “bass section” as he put it, and went backstage to get acquainted, and reports that she has a “COMMANDING PRESENCE” AND” PLAYS VERY WELL” He’s a violist, and so is his wife, so they know whereof they speak.
    Well, I think she’s fun to watch, too.

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