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An Acoustical Masterpiece

Last night, New Century made its first stop on the 2011 East Coast Tour: Mechanics Hall, internationally regarded as one of the world’s great concert halls for its superb acoustics.

The Orchestra warming up at Mechanics Hall on Wednesday

Tonight, the ensemble headed 50 miles west to perform at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. But not without having some fun on the tour bus first! Anna Kruger, Principal Violist, got a little creative with her ice packs:

Orchestra Player or Football Player?

Check in tomorrow for details about this evening’s performance in Amherst.

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3 thoughts on “An Acoustical Masterpiece

  1. caroline on said:

    Go NCCO! Sorry to miss you at this wonderful venue. Will be thinking of you in Amherst and beyond. Will be waiting with smiles & many guests in New Jersey.
    Anna…..wonderful use of ice.
    GO NCCO!!!!

  2. The “acoustical masterpiece” must have thought to itself, “why, I’ve been waiting here on Main Street all my life for a group that understands the depths of my lonely soul! New Century, please don’t go!”

    The mayor of Worcester should issue a proclamation, give New Century the keys to the City, the keys to Mechanics Hall, and just watch what happens.

    • Joking aside, I was at the concert, and it was such a beautiful evening of music which I will never forget. I’m from Worcester, and I certainly hope New Century returns here soon–have a great tour. I hope we treated you well!

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